Product 1
AHP Tig Welder
Product 2
Eastwood Tig Welders
AHP Tig Welder
Eastwood Tig Welders
Input Voltage
Input Voltage
110 to 240 Volts
HF Start
HF Start
‎36-60 pound

The difference between AHP vs Eastwood. TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) welding is the perfect process that takes electricity to join and melt the metal pieces through a non-consumable tungsten electrode. TIG welds are cleaner than other methods because they use lower heat and keep precise control over the temperature. This also minimizes smoke generation which makes it ideal in cosmetic jobs, lawnmowers, bike frames, sculpture design, or experimental aircraft manufacturing.

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AHP vs Eastwood TIG welder

When you’re looking for a TIG welder, it can be difficult to choose between different brands. But with the AHP and Eastwood welders, there’s no need to worry about choosing incorrectly – whether you want an improved version of this technology or are considering your first purchase! 


AHP vs Eastwood TIG welder – A Detailed Comparison 

In this article, I’ll compare these two TIG welding brands AHP vs Eastwood TIG welder and their extensive features in detail. 

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So let’s get down to business!

1. Types of Metals They Can Weld

The AHP TIG welder launched powerful and affordable TIG welder machines that can weld anything from thin aluminum to stainless steel and mild steel. The digital display keeps you on track while the stick function helps with more intricate tasks. Whether you’re looking for something professional or just want an occasional project, this tool delivers great results in all settings!

Types of Metals They Can Weld

Similarly, The Eastwood TIG Welder is an excellent all-in-one welder that can be used for either stainless steel, sheet or bar stock form, aluminum, or thinner-gauge material. It comes with everything you need to start welding, including plenty of hose and cables so there’s no dragging around the area before starting your project.

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2. Power Source AC/DC Welding

The AHP Welders and the Eastwood are both dual voltage welding machines that can run on 110V or 220V power. The Alpha TIG, which is also a stick welder like its counterpart, has an output of 160 amps but uses more electricity when running at lower voltages.

The AHP AlphaTIG 200X 200 Amp and AHP AlphaTIG 200X 200-Amp IGBT AC DC runs at the 110 volt and 22o volt of AC. 

Whereas Eastwood welding machines, The Eastwood TIG 200 Digital AC/DC Welder  runs at 220 volts and the Eastwood TIG 200 Amp DC Welder  runs at both 120 and 220 volts. 

3. Duty Cycle

In terms of duty cycle, you must be careful about TIG welders. Some models of AHP are capable of producing a duty cycle of 60% at 150 amperes. On the other hand, some Eastwood welding models also produce a duty cycle of VAC120 60% at 145amp and 220VAC 60% at 190apms.

Greater the duty cycle, the more it will generate power. Ultimately quick welding experience. 

So, choose the model that is quite better in terms of performance. However, the duty cycle may vary from model to model. Therefore, have a close look at the specifications before making the final decision. 

4. Design 

When comparing the AHP vs Eastwood TIG welders, it is easy to see that both feature a more practical structure. Both machines have HF-start as well as foot pedal controls which gives users better control of their welding jobs while ensuring greater convenience in the process. 

ahp vs eastwood design

Although neither brand appears bulky or cumbersome, these welders are built with efficiency in mind for the users who want quality results without all those unnecessary bells and whistles such as complicated settings adjustments options on different models–allowing them to get down to business quickly so they can focus on other things like grinding metal pieces into useful bits sitting around your working space!

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5. Welding Thickness

When welding, many tasks vary depending on the metal being welded.  The AHP welds 3/8 inches stainless steel and 1/4 inch aluminum respectively. The pulse option in particular is visible and handy for those who may not use it frequently but still want to make sure they have all of their options available while performing these operations.

On the contrary, the welding capacity of the Eastwood welders is ¼-inch in thickness. moreover, some models wled up to ⅜ “ thick steel. 

6. Weight

When it comes to weight, the Eastwood TIG welders have a clear advantage. As the AHP models weigh up to 50 pounds and more but they do have a carry handle attached for easy transport, this is still challenging when you are moving around with that much on your back.

The Eastwood however weighs up to 30 pounds which makes transportation easier than ever before. However, the weight varies from model to model, yet Eastwood models are more portable and lightweight. 

7. Warranty

To avoid the risk of any faulty welds, it is important to check that your welder has a warranty. AHP offers a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty. It ensures that you’ll have plenty of time for repairs or replacements should anything go wrong.

However, the Eastwood TIG welder policy varies from model to model. Some models have 1-years guaranteed while others are 2 to 3 years. It also offers 90-days money-back guarantee to the customers. 

8. Price

The AHP models are more budget-friendly as compared to the Eastwood models. You can find great models under $500 by AHP with equally likely performance as that of an expensive TIG welder. 

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Both AHP and Eastwood are remarkable manufacturers of TIG welders. Both offer user convenience, portability and exclusive designs. The AHP models produce a high duty cycle at affordable prices but lack portability. 

On the other hand, the Eastwood TIG welders are compact and sleek but pricey. So, the decision is yours whom you want to choose. read more

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