Miller Syncrowave 200 TIG Welder Review (Good or Bad)

Getting a good metal fabricator is not an easy task. It takes a lot of market research before getting one. Further, your overall welding performance will depend upon the quality and strength of the welding machine.

9.7out of 10

Skill Required9.8
Air-cooled torch9.6

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However, if you end up getting the wrong welder for your task, you will have messy welds and a waste of money. Therefore, many professionals prefer tig welders because they perform more precisely welds.

Though it takes a lot of patience to perform tig welding, that is why, we have reviewed the miller Syncrowave 200 Tig welder, which is the most promising brand in Today’s market. 

Moreover, Miller Syncrowave 200 Tig welders are budget-friendly, accurate, elite, and excellent in performance. 

Further for your ease, we have carefully written the buying guide, covering all the salient features and a handful of information regarding miller tig welders. So, without further ado, let’s start the miller Syncrowave 200 tig welder review.

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Why Choose Miller Syncrowave 200 TiG Welder?

Price: Miller Syncrowave is worth $2000 and it has several features like a runner kit, argon tank, foot pedal, and much more. It is totally worth it buying this welder.

TIGRunner Package: This machine not only gives you optimum accuracy but it comes bearing a runner package that includes running gear, a cool mate 3cs cooler, and RFCS 14-HD foot control. Not to forget it has remote control addition

User Friendly: It gives you complete control over the arc and does precise welding in less time.

Portable: You can learn many welding techniques with this welding machine. It weighs around 238 pounds. 

Air-cooled torch: It comes with air-cooled torches though they become really hot during long hours of welding.

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Miller Syncrowave 200 TIG Welder Review

Total weight 238pounds Output range lies between 5-200amps The rated output is 150 amps 40% duty cycle Input power 230V Square wave output
  • Auto-post flow safeguard
  • Inbuilt pulse
  • Inbuilt heartbeat control
  • Twin digital meters
  • Higher in weight
  • No bells in pulse and AC option

Miller Electric is a recognizable name. They are famous for their welders and metal tools. They started from the manual making of machines, and now they are standing amongst the top names of arc welding and cutting equipment.

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Miller Syncrowave 200 is one of the best welders and has versatile features. It is unique because it comes at affordable prices, yet they perform like professional welders. It has a power square wave source, plus it comes with an adaptive warm start. However, while taking the start with stick arc welding, if boosted output amperage is required, then adaptive warm start begins automatically.

Further, it helps the electrode to weld well through sticking and making the best inclusion. It has a 150-amp, mono bend, and features an air-cooled flashlight. Plus, it is equipped with a braided nylon power cable for maximum versatility. 

Along with that miller’s arc has the characteristic of changing with respect to the procedure and electrodes.

Air Conditioning Balance:

With air conditioning balance, it balances the square wave output. Further, allow the smooth penetration and clean motion during enhanced arc balance on different metals like aluminum. Through air conditioning balance, it rectifies the arc and avoids spitting of tungsten.

 miller syncrowave 200 review

Syncro Start:

In miller Syncrowave, Syncro starts, allowing you to take start in different modes. Firstly, you can begin gently, or you can start with the standard one. Lastly, you can start directly with a hot tig.  

Fan On-Demand:

Another exciting feature is a fan on demand; it prevents the welding from getting impure. Plus, it helps in lessening the heat build-up in longer working hours. A further fan will prevent the airborne pollutant from getting pulled into the machine.

Cable Management:

Miller has a cable management feature that makes your work organized. It uses twin cable hangers, plus it has foot-managed storage present at the energy source aspect panels. Further, it has twin digital meters to monitor the preset and actual amperage.

Wrapping Up

Lastly, miller Syncrowave is excellent to purchase. It comes with so many versatile features. Like it has a controllable arc, post flow that protects the weld after the finish. It comes with specs and things that demand more money than you pay for this unique welder.

Buying Guide For Welders

Whether you are a professional welder or a newbie, buying a welding machine is not an easy task; you have to keep many things in mind. First of all, keep in mind that every welder has its benefits and flaws. You have to evaluate them. Further, you have to keep in mind below described things:

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Understand Welders

There are different types of welders, and all of them serve different methods. For example, some use gases while welding, and they are called gas welders. 

These welders use oxyacetylene flame and shielding gas for welding. After that, we have arc welders that use an electric spark to generate the heat for fusing the metals together.

Then we have flux core welding, which eliminates the need of shielding gas during welding. However, welding rods are used in welding to melt them for sticking the metal surfaces. Opposite to welding rods, we have welding wires which fed into the gun during welding.

Types Of Welders

There are various welders, but here we will discuss the electric welders that use arcs for welding. First of all, we have tig welders, they are the most advanced welders and are primarily used by robotic welders and professionals. In these welders, a tungsten electrode is used for generating the arc.

Secondly, we have MiG welders. These are inert metal gas and use melted metal for welding. Lastly, we have stick welders; these welders use flux wire as welding electrodes. These flux electrodes conduct electricity and generate the arc that melts the metal.

Welding Tools

Welding is not a one-go process. It requires lots of cutting of metal sheets and molding of metal surfaces. For which you need a basic metal tool arsenal having a chipping hammer and brushed wires. Moreover, the chipping hammer has a flat head, and it is used to flatten the surface and chip away the left-over welding flux.

Further, you will require an angle grinder, which is used to cut the metals. Then you will need a bench vise that will hold the metal surface in position while working. Its use for binding the metal surfaces from the corners.

Ease Of Use

Welding requires multiple procedures, better not to complicate it more, and try to go for the welding machines with simple working panels. Unfortunately, many welders are way more complicated and involve lots of hidden buttons at the welder’s back.

However, we recommend you go for the easy working panels, including all the valves and ports on the front panel. Further, welders with digital screens also work best because they help you monitor the current and amperage.

Versatile Features

Many welders come with versatile features like dual voltages, and AC DC features all in one welder. These welders will help you do welding at different metal surfaces like DC output welders are best for welding the steel and stainless-steel surfaces.

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However, if you are going to work with more complex metals like magnesium and aluminum, try to go for AC output welders. Nonetheless, we recommend you go for the welder that contains both options because it saves you money and helps you learn multiple welding skills.

 miller syncrowave 200 problems

Safety Welding

Welding is not a safe procedure. It emits lots of dangerous ultraviolet radiation and harmful gases. Further, it involves high temperature and molten metals falling from the welding surfaces. If you do not put safety in mind, you will get your eyes, lungs, and skin damage. 

Therefore, it is mandatory to invest in a quality welding helmet to protect your eyes and face from burning.

Invest in an auto blackening UV protection helmet. Further, it would help if you bought a safety suit made up of thick fabric that can protect you from getting burnt while welding. Then you require leather welding gloves to protect your hands from flames and fumes. Rubber boots are also essential to safeguard feet from drops of molten metal.


Welding is not an easy task to handle. It requires endless effort, hard work, and patience to bear the suffocating temperature while welding. However, having a good welding machine by your side will help you in minimizing the effort. For this, we have written the honest miller Syncrowave 200 reviews for you to take an informed decision before purchasing the welding machine for you. 


Is MiG Stronger Or Tig?

Tig welding is a stronger and precise welding procedure than MiG or other welding procedures. However, it requires lots of skills for doing the Tig welding.

Why Choose Miller Syncrowave 200?

Miller Syncrowave 200 is suitable for welding thin metal surfaces. But, like if you want to weld the paper-thin metal surface and gauges, then miller tig welders are best.

How Do I Choose A Tig Welder?

It would be best if you looked for amperage range and good arc stability. If the tig welder has arc stability below 10 amp, it provides easy startup and excellent carter fill ability by the end of the weld.

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