Everlast Vs AHP Tig Welder – Good or Bad?

Do you know the difference between Everlast Vs AHP Tig Welder? Materials that require extremely precise control of heat are usually welded with TIG. This method can also be used to weld thinner materials and cosmetic applications. In comparison with other welding processes, TIG welding produces relatively clean welds and little smoke.

Everlast Vs AHP Tig Welder

To have clean welds, the main step is to find the best TIG welder that suits your requirements. The choice among different brands can be complicated when you’re choosing a TIG welder. Fortunately, the Everlast vs AHP TIG welders offers you a choice you won’t regret, no matter if you are upgrading your current model or purchasing for the first time!


Everlast Vs AHP TIG welder – A Comparative Analysis

Product No 1
Everlast TIG welder
Product No 2
AHP Tig Welders
Everlast TIG welder
AHP Tig Welders
Stainless Steel
‎Stainless Steel
Power Source
Power Source
‎220 V
110 - 220 v
Amp Capacity
Amp Capacity
‎200 Amps
200 X 200 Amp
Extra Heavy
5-150 Hz
200 HZ
Aluminum & Steel only
Aluminum, stainless or Steel
Digitally controlled IGBT inverter
Fully Controlled LCD Screen
Advanced Square wave
Advanced Inverter Technology with PWM
1 year
3 year

TIIG Welders from Everlast and AHP are two of the top sellers. There is no doubt that both companies are known for creating high-quality, reliable, and durable welds when it comes to combining various metals.

The following comparison of Everlast vs AHP TIG welders will highlight their performance, working capacity, duty cycle, and many other features including price and warranty. 

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1. Handling Metals And Welding Capacities

A TIG welder like the Everlast is designed to serve a number of purposes. In any situation, you might find yourself needing to weld a metal object, this welding machine can handle iron, magnesium, brass, bronze, stainless steel, aluminum, and more. Whether you are welding automotive parts or repairing ships, this machine is ideal for workshops and industrial purposes.

Additionally, these units are incredibly easy to operate, making them an exceptional choice for DIY enthusiasts looking for a wide variety of features at a reasonable price.

In contrast, featuring the best TIG products at an affordable price, AHP launches the TIG welders that can weld anything including, mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. You can keep track of everything with the digital display, while the stick controls will allow more intricate projects to be completed.

It delivers great results in all settings, whether you need something professional or are doing a small project occasionally.

Everlast Vs AHP TIG welders

2. Voltage Setting – AC/ DC

The Everlast welders are able to accommodate both 110 and 220 volts due to their dual voltage property. Therefore, both voltages can be used to operate the welders. The voltage capability of each TIG model varies. 

In addition to this, Powered by 110/220 dual voltage, Everlast Power Equipment PowerTIG 200DV is dual voltage compatible.  Whereas the PowerTIG 250EX AC DC is only compatible with 220 volts. 

Like Everlast TIG welders, AHP Welders also operate on 110V and 220V power and can be connected in a dual voltage configuration. Like its counterpart, the Alpha TIG also works as a stick welder and can produce 160 amps but a lower voltage will consume more electricity. 

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There are two AHP AlphaTIG 200X 200 Amp and AHP Alpha IGBT AC DC models available, one runs at 110 volts and the other at 220 volts. Moreover, ahp water cooled tig torch gives precise and fine quality welds. 

3. What Is The Duty Cycle?

There is a percentage of time a welding machine can safely operate at a specific amperage during welding is known as the duty cycle.

Compared to other welders, the Everlast TIG welder is the most efficient in terms of duty cycle. In a 120 Volt TIG machine, its output is 100% at 125 Amperes and 15 Volts, and 60% at 100 Amperes and 14 Volts. The Everlast welder will save you time and energy when welding. Despite its increased power output, it remains remarkably fast in operation.

Depending on the model, some AHPs are capable of operating at 150 amps with a duty cycle of 60%. Power is generated at a higher rate with a greater duty cycle. Ultimately, you will be able to quickly weld.

4. Thickness of the Welded Joint

TIG welders from Everlast are capable of welding 1/2 inches of steel in one pass at 250 amps. Moreover, the material can be welded to a thickness of up to an inch if you pass it multiple times. Therefore, a strong welder contributes to the success of your project. 

It is vital to know how the metal you are welding affects the welding process. In general, the AHP is able to weld stainless steel up to 3/8 inches and aluminum up to 1/4 inches. 

Pulse is an attractive alternative since it is clearly visible and handy even if you don’t use it very often. The settings should, however, be able to be changed when necessary.

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5. Price And Warranty

However, Everlast brings up efficient models for less money and is priced between $399 and $3499, making it affordable for low-income households. No doubt, welding machines made by Everlast are unmatched in the industry. This company offers a fantastic warranty, as well as a money-back guarantee. Furthermore, Everlast is solely responsible for repairing or replacing a product that has been returned within 120 days.  

Comparison between Everlast Vs AHP Tig Welder

It is generally more cost-effective to purchase models from AHP. Welding machines by AHP usually cost less than $500 while having the same kind of performance as those of expensive TIG welders. 

Like ahp vs Eastwood tig welder, they also have different warranties on different models. 

You should check your welder’s warranty in order to avoid faulty welds. Warranty coverage is offered by AHP for a period of 3 years. Therefore, you will have ample time to fix or replace anything that goes wrong. 


The Everlast and AHP welders both have their benefits for welders, but the TIG welders from Everlast can traverse a broader range of materials than those from AHP in terms of metals. AHP models offer an affordable price and a high duty cycle but are not portable. 

On the other hand, with Everlast welders, it may be difficult for you to do AC work. In the Alternating Current mode, it has a low chance of receiving the lowest current. Therefore, it is not possible for this TIG welding machine to make an arc when in this mode.

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