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For those of you who are looking to make a living as a tig welder, it is important to know How much do TIG Welders Make for this career. The chart below will show the difference in pay that one can expect based on experience level and location. You can also see how much more or less an experienced tig welder would make than someone with less than five years’ experience.

how much do tig welders make?

The average annual wage for all welders, cutters, solderers, and brazers was $39,420 in 2023 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Entry-level welders could expect median wages ranging from $27,000-$32,000 depending on geographical location.



How much do Tig Welders make?

  • Tig welder’s median hourly wages: $25.00
  • Highest 10% earned >$37.00
  • Lowest 10% earned <$20.00
  • Entry level: $27,000 a year ($13.86/hour)
  • Experience in the field:    Entry level: 52,340 ($26.99/hr)   Mid-career: 93,820 ($46.87/hr)

Tig welder’s hourly wages by experience and geography :  (Note that the figures listed are median hourly pay for all base pay plus commission or bonuses.)

TIG Welders Salary Hourly Wage Annual Salary Location Years of Experience United States Average $25.00 $52,000.

Entry Level Portland Minimum Wage – Oregon Minimum Wage is $10.25 Maximum Wage.

Oregon Maximum Wage is $14.50 Entry Level Philadelphia Minimum Wage

Pennsylvania Minimum Wage is $7.25 Maximum Wage

Pennsylvania Maximum Wage is $12.00 Entry Level Oklahoma City Minimum Wage – Oklahoma

Minimum Wage is $7.25 Maximum Wage

Oklahoma Maximum Wage is $10.00 Entry Level Miami Minimum Wage

Florida Minimum Wage is $7.79 Maximum Wage

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Florida Maximum Wage is $12.00 Entry Level San Antonio Minimum Wage

Texas Minimum Wage is $7.25 Maximum Wage

Texas Maximum Wage is $9.35 Mid-Career Phoenix Minimum Wage

Arizona Minimum Wage is $8.05 Maximum Wage

Arizona Maximum Wage is $11.00 Experience Albuquerque Minimum Wage

New Mexico Minimum Wage is $7.50 Maximum Wage

New Mexico Maximum Wage is $12.00 Entry Level Sacramento Minimum Wage

California Minimum Wage is $8.00 Maximum Wage

California Maximum Wage is $15.00 Mid-Career San Jose Minimum Wage.

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What is a tig welder?

TIG welding is also referred to as tungsten inert gas (TIG) welding. The process involves a non-consumable tungsten electrode that heats up and melts the metal being welded along with an inert gas. This produces ultraviolet rays that help produce extremely high-quality welds on thinner materials, unlike stick welding which uses thicker rods for the electrodes.

About Tig Welding

This page provides information about tig welding jobs, training, certification, careers, and salaries. If you are looking to start your career in tig welding, this is the perfect place to get started!

What skills are needed to be a Tig Welder?

A high school diploma or equivalent is required. In addition, many employers prefer a relevant two-year degree.
Electricity and welding experience is preferred for this career. Entry-level welders can expect to be in apprenticeship programs for between one and four years in order to learn the necessary skills and techniques of this trade.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Becoming a Tig Welder

There are several advantages of becoming a tig welder. First, the craftsmanship used in this profession is often recognized for its high quality.

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Additionally, since many welding jobs entail traveling around to various construction sites, there will be plenty of opportunities for motivated individuals to move up in their field and become foremen or managers over time.

On the other hand, some disadvantages include the fact that the pay tends not to be very high, especially at entry-level positions. There can also be significant layoffs during economic downturns since many construction projects typically slow down when money gets tight. Even more skilled welders may still experience layoffs during periods where there is less industrial manufacturing happening (e.g., during recessions).

 how much does a tig welder cost

Additional resources for learning more about the profession of welding and becoming a professional Tig Welder

This article provides some helpful resources to those who are considering a career as a tig welder.

  • The American Welding Society  – Provides a brief description of the profession, education needed, and the average salary for welders.
  • Welding Degree – This website provides information about how to become a professional welder including where to find local training programs.
  • The Bureau of Labor Statistics – Provides statistics about the profession including job growth, educational requirements, and salary data.
  • Tig Welders Union – An article written by a professional tig welder who provides his insight on the profession including advice for working in this field. The article also includes tips on how to get started and salary information.
Tig Welder salary in United States

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