[Top 5] Everlast Tig Welder Reviews (Good or Average)

Everlast is an emerging brand. And Everlast Tig Welder Reviews will help you see the clear view. They are more affordable, and you can find them in any hardware store. They possess more features than any US build welders. Let me tell you some of the salient features about Everlast Tig welders,

Everlast Tig Welders

  • They are highly durable, whether it is a stick, tig, or MiG welder.
  • Everlast offers a dual voltage AC DC power source.
  • They are highly affordable
  • They offer high-end welding machines with versatile capabilities.

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Moreover, we all know that a welder can only perform well when they own the best welding device. Plus, if your welding device is not good and reliable then it will cost you money and health damages. So, without further ado let’s dive into the everlast multi-process welder review.

Why do Most welders Recommend Everlast Tig Welders?

Everlast tig welders are names of quality. They have the most durable welder machine. not only this they offer the most versatile features in compact size welders under a reasonable budget. no matter you are a professional or a newbie you will get long-lasting high quality, modern tech welders in everlasting. plus they’re easily available in all the shops and hardware areas.

all those who used everlast have positive everlast welder reviews and they are satisfied with the dual AC and DC voltage input and their amazing lengthy money-back warranties. Plus, they give excellent customer service, the machines are simply built and all the features are easy to operate.

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Customer Reviews on Everlast Tig Welders

  1. Everlast Power Arc 160STH HF TIG Stick IGBT Welder (Light Weight) This was the 3rd of a few inverters class compact welders. The features are great & this makes a great starter welder for one who wants to learn without breaking the bank. I think the warranty is best in class too. I’d buy it again. – Customer Review
  2. Everlast PowerTIG 250EX (Versatile Solution) Has done a good job welding at low (5-amp range AC) on welding 1/4″ SS wire together making a crown for my daughter’s ballet dance. – Customer Review

Best Everlast Tig Welder Reviews of 2023 ( Updated)

ModelWeightInput VoltageRatingPrice
Everlast-PowerTIG-200DV-200-Amp-PulseEverlast PowerTIG 200DV 200-Amp‎60 pounds120V/240V⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Everlast-Power-Arc-160STH-HFEverlast Power Arc 160STH HF‎36.8 pounds110v/220v⭐⭐⭐⭐
Everlast-PowerTig-255extEverlast PowerTig 255ext‎85 pounds
Everlast Power Equipment PowerMTS 251SEverlast Power Equipment PowerMTS 251Si‎79.8 pounds

1. Everlast PowerTIG 200DV 200-Amp Pulse AC/DC Welder (Affordable Price)

Everlast PowerTIG 200DV 200-Amp Pulse ACDC Welder

  • Low price
  • Strong welding
  • Great arc control
  • Torch with protective cover
  • No power chords
  • No memory

Everlast Tig welders 200DV are the best and come in an affordable price range. They have multiple features plus they come with color-coded machine control which enables the welders to get complete arc control. Furthermore, as per everlast power tig 200 reviews the machine is so simple and even newbies can operate it easily.

Moreover, tig 200DV is the most recent model of Everlast Tig welders, which means you will get the most recent and updated version at a much affordable price. Plus, this machine is dual voltage operated, it is digitally convertible.

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Arc Force Control

With an arc force control DIG, the welding will be smooth and done precisely. It helps in reducing the scattering and enhances the arc performance.

Light Weight

Everlast power tig 200DV is generously lighter in weight which enables you to roam around with it. However, you have to separately buy the power cord because it does not come with a machine.

A/C D/C Tig Stick

It comes with an everlasting stainless-steel A/C D/C tig stick which means it is highly durable for a longer period. Further, it has a 60% duty cycle for the highest level of 200 amp.

High Quality

This machine is best for indoor welding and new welders. However, it does not mean that it is any lesser in its performance. It has an impressive arc and can boost up to 26 torches.

Final Verdict:

If you are looking for an under-budget welder with versatile features then Everlast pro tig 200DV is for sure your resort. It has versatile features like dual voltage, big torch, great arc control.

2. Everlast Power Arc 160STH HF TIG Stick IGBT Welder (Light Weight)

Everlast Power Arc 160STH HF TIG Stick IGBT Welder

  • Dual voltage input
  • High quality
  • Smooth arc
  • 5 years warranty

Lesser leads

  • No AC output for aluminum

Everlast power arc 160STH is also compact but one thing is to be noted that it is not for newbies. You need to have skills to operate this beast. It is best for TIG welding steel and aluminum. Due to its compact size and lighter weight, you can keep it with you pretty much every time.

As per our everlast welder review, this machine is not only best for professionals but it is also perfect for everyday welding purposes. With smart regulatory settings, you will get versatile features in terms of /tig and /stick welding. The arc runs so smoothly that it cuts back all the errors.

Dual Voltage Setup

This machine can be operated on dual voltages of 110V and 120V. Further, it has easy control over full amperage with foot pedal capability.

Low Power Usage

Everlast 160STH consumes lesser power and the arc runs smoothly. It has a 35% duty cycle at 16 amp. Plus, the 160a HF tig DC with a stick has a built-in valve.

Shoulder Strap

It is lighter in weight and can be carried easily on the shoulder with the help of carrier straps. Easy hot start and have IGBT Infineon modules inverter technology.


It comes with a 5 years warranty for parts and labor. Plus, if you are not satisfied with the work and features then you can return it within 30 days.

Final Verdict:

Everlast power arc 16STH is best for those who are learning steel and aluminum welding. It consumes less power, is easy to use, and comes with a working clamp along with a 25 series DINSE style connector.

3. Everlast PowerTig 255ext (6010 Electrode Compatible)

Everlast PowerTig 255ext

  • Well built
  • Foot pedal
  • Plug for water cooler
  • Easy to set up
  • Not airtight
  • Uncomfortable pedal

Everlast power tig 255ext comes with dual voltage technology plus it is best for those who are professionals. It serves for heavy welding tasks and demanding projects.  It perfectly works with both direct and alternating current, which means you can work on both heavy and lighter tasks. 

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This Everlast welder manages up to 250amps input level along with an impressive 60% duty cycle. Further, it has 9 series air torches along with 20 series water-cooled torches, not only this it has a stinger for stick welding.

Versatile Performance

There are many competitive features in it, it will surely increase your experience of welding with its memory, pulse, and waveform.

Easy Start-Up

There are two easy start-up modes for keeping the welder boosted while keeping it simply operative. This welder is also great for stick welding with a hot start time.

Spot On Welding

Everlast power 255EXT is equipped with smart IGBT module components, which means it senses the place of welding and makes perfect, consistent welds on spot.

Maximum Output

As we all know that this advanced welding machine works at dual voltages which means it can be operated at 120V and 240 V. Plus, it gives a maximum output of 150 amp for tig 120 amp for stick welding.

Final Verdict:

To take your welding skill to the next level you have to get your hands on Everlast power tig 255 EXT. It is bold, robust, and stylish. Plus, it operates at the dual voltage and has stronger steel and aluminum welding.

Other Best brands:

4. Everlast Power Equipment PowerMTS 251Si (Spool Gun Ready)

Everlast Power Equipment PowerMTS 251Si

  • Easy to use
  • Highly versatile
  • IGBT inverter
  • Tig torch
  • Larger in size
  • No parameter sheets

Everlast power equipment MTS 251Si is unique in our everlast welding machine reviews because it allows you to do different tasks with one device. It has a mixed pulses mechanism plus; it comes with a digitally controlled welder so that you can use the spool gun with it. With this welder, you can easily do MiG, tig welding at DC. Also, you can do pulse MiG and tig welding. 

You can start this machine as you like, for instance, you can start from lift start-up or high-frequency start-up both are touchless. Further, the stick welding mode is quite adjustable, which allows you to adjust the hot startup as you like.

Digitally Controlled

Everlast MTS 251Si is the most advanced technology because it comes with a digitally controlled multi-process inverter. Further, it has MiG, tig, and stick welding capability.

Easy Connections

All the controlling buttons are present on the front panel, including the burn back button. It comes in an easy-to-understand format.

Touchless Start

With MTS 251Si you can not only be versatile with your multiple capacities, but you can pick the touchless start either on high-frequency start-up and lift startups in TIG mode.

Highly Adjustable

With stick mode, you get higher adjustability because it comes with hot start intensity and hot start duration control. Plus, there are no hidden touch buttons to manage the machine settings.

Final Verdict:

In Everlast tig welder reviews, it is known to be a top-rated elder for both tig welding, MiG welding, and sticks welding devices. Plus, it is very easy to understand. No digital screens, no complicated hidden buttons.

5. Everlast PowerTIG 250EX (Versatile Solution)

Everlast PowerTIG 250EX

  • Foot pedal
  • Easy to carry
  • 6ft power cable
  • High performance
  • Not for heavy-duty tasks
  • Difficult foot pedal 

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Everlast power Tig 250EX is not for kids, it is highly versatile and only suits welding enthusiasts and professional welders. It comes with a variety of features; it can run on a single phase of 240V and manage to do 250amps tig welding. Further, it has complete gas shielding protection due to pre-flow and post-flow control.

Further, the stick does not spatter due to efficient arc control and increases the performance of the arc. It comes with an extra consumable starter kit and you do not have to worry about maintenance because it has an HF start circuit.

Solid Welding

With Everlast 250EX you can solder anything with one go. It comes with efficient arc control that reduces the spatter and increases performance.

Extremely Portable

Despite high efficiency and performance, it can be easily carried to places, because it comes with a hard external case.


It can weld steel of half an inch in a single pass. However, it can weld 1+ inch steel and aluminum of a maximum half-inch in multi-pass welds. 

A/C D/C Modes

Either you are looking to welding the stainless steel or want to weld the gauge this beast will do it for you. It starts with low amperage in both the AC and DC modes.

Final Verdict:

As per Everlast Tig welder’s reviews, this machine is a beast and can easily be used for welding stainless steel, aluminum, and steel gauge. It can run over 240V single-phase and 240V 3 phase power.

Wrapping up

Now, this is the end of this informative everlast tig welder review, and now you should be well aware of which welder will suit you best. But as you know that Everlast comes with lengthy warranties and great customer service so you can rely on them. 

However, if you are looking for some hobbits welding for smaller projects then go for Everlast PowerTIG 200DV 200-Amp Welder. Further, if you want a heavy-duty welder then we recommend you to choose a versatile piece of Everlast like 160STH as it is best for multiple welding purposes. Whatever you choose, keep in mind to order it from a genuine source.


Are Everlast Welders Any Good?

Yes, you can see any Everlast welder reviews, they produce well-reputed and high-quality welding machines. They offer multiple versatile features in their machines under budget.

Are Everlast Made In China?

We all know that ICs are not made in the US so like other welding machines, Lincoln and Miller Everlast are also made in China.

Does Everlast 200DV include stick cables?

Yes, as we stated earlier in the Everlast power tig 200 reviews it comes with stick cables, tig cables, flow meter, regulators, and tig torch. However, it does not have tungsten included in the package.

Is Foot Pedal Included And Is It Compatible?

The foot pedal is optional and it is not included. You have to spend extra dollars to get it from Everlast. However, in some Everlast tig welder reviews, most buyers found it uncomfortable working with the pedal.

Which Kind Of Tig Welders Can Be Used For Alloy Aluminum?

That kind of tig welder which can supply A/C to aluminum welding will be most appropriate. However, in some Everlast welder reviews, people find it useful for welding aluminum as well.

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